Referee Services

  • Disciplinary journals: Journal of Environmental Economics and Management; Ecological Economics; Environment and Development Economics; Agricultural and Resource Economics Review; Journal of Agrarian Change
  • Multidisciplinary journals: Food Policy, World Development, World Development Perspectives, Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development; Climate and Development; International Journal of Water Resource Development; Hydrogeology Journal; Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal; Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology; PLOS One; Environmental Research Letters; Environment, Development and Sustainability
  • Research and Development Organizations: International Water Management Institute; International Center for Integrated Mountain Development; Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • Grant-making organizations: South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics; Urbanising Deltas of the World, NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development Program; UKRI Economics and Social Research Council.

Program Management Services

  • Research Group Leader—Economics (October 2018—)
    • Develop and set research agenda of the Economics  and Impact Evaluation Research Group
    • Mentor 11 economists; provide oversight on use of economic methods and analysis and quality of outputs (journal papers, technical reports)
    • Deploy economists on projects to match skills with research requirements
    • Guide technical development of research proposals in economics
    • Create adequately financed budgets, ensure appropriate spending
  • Chair—International Committee for Women in Agricultural Economics (September 2020—)
  • Coordinator of Working Group on Research Quality (October 2017-October 2018)
    • Reviewing quality control protocols for research
    • Develop background for institute-wide research quality policies and practices
  • Focal Point to Standing Panel on Impact Assessment ISPC—CGIAR (January 2017-September 2020)
    • Providing technical support on impact assessment to CGIAR research leaders
    • Mainstreaming an impact assessment culture into IWMI’s R4D programs

Capacity Building Services

  • IWMI (2013-present)
    • Co-advising undergraduate/ graduate students (Degree Granting Institution/Current Institution)
    • *Richard Hardy (University of Queensland/Natural Capital Economics)
    • *Radheeka Jirasinha (University of Edinburgh /IUCN)
    • *Joseph Price (Oxford University /UNEP)
    • *Sohrob Aslamy, Katie MacDonald (University of Washington /Syracuse University)
    • *Yashmika Balakrishna (Ruhuna University/–)
    • Archisman Mitra (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/IWMI)
    • Training staff of international organizations on methods of program evaluation, study design and sample surveys.
  • Duke University (2005-2011)
    • Conducted tutorial-classes for graduate-level environmental economics (2008-10)
    • Held walk-ins for graduate-level methods in non-market valuation (2007-11)
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