About me

I conduct rigorous research on poverty and development challenges in Asia and Africa, at the nexus of water, food, health and energy; using methods of program evaluation, micro-econometrics and non-market valuation. Gender, equity and environmental considerations are important components of my work.

My research contributes to advancing knowledge on understanding ‘fractal’ vulnerabilities faced by the poor.

My work has been used by development finance institutions and recipient governments to inform policy, and to adaptively course-correct ongoing investments and programs.

Additionally, I contribute to building research capacity in low, middle and high income countries, by mentoring and advising early-career persons interested in using economics to explore issues at the nexus of poverty, water, food, health, energy and environment.

I am currently affiliated with the World Bank and can be reached at sbalasubramanya[at]worldbank[dot]org. Between 2011-2021, I was affiliated with the CGIAR.