In Progress

Kafle, K., Balasubramanya, S. 2021. Can past experiences influence current irrigation behaviors? Evidence from Jordan. Revise and resubmit at Climate and Development.

Mitra, A., Balasubramanya, S., Brouwer, R. 2021. Can electricity rebates modify groundwater pumping behaviors? Evidence from a pilot study in Punjab. Revise and resubmit at American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Kafle, K., Balasubramanya, S. 2021. Irrigation for reducing food insecurity: the case of Niger. In review.

Balasubramanya, S., Buisson, M-C., Mitra, A., Stifel, D. 2021.  Price, Credit or Ambiguity? Increasing Small-Scale Irrigation in Ethiopia. In review.

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