In Progress

Balasubramanya, S., Stifel, D., Alvi, M., Ringler, C. 2021. Ethnicity, migration and responses to COVID19: Evidence from Nepal. Forthcoming in Development Policy Review

Balasubramanya, S., Stifel, D., MacDonnell, R. 2021. Water shortages, irrigation frequency and preference for agricultural services: the case of Jordan. Forthcoming in Irrigation and Drainage.

Kafle, K., Balasubramanya, S. 2021. Can past experiences influence current irrigation behaviors? Evidence from Jordan. Revise and resubmit at Climate and Development.

Mitra, A., Balasubramanya, S., Brouwer, R. 2021. Can electricity rebates modify groundwater pumping behaviors? Evidence from a pilot study in Punjab. In review.

Kafle, K., Balasubramanya, S. 2021. Irrigation for reducing food insecurity: the case of Niger. In review.

Balasubramanya, S., Buisson, M-C., Mitra, A., Stifel, D. 2021. Supporting expansion of smallholder private irrigation using groundwater in Ethiopia: prices, loans or uncertainty? Working paper.

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