In Progress

(Key: # = Led or co-led | pd = Postdoctoral mentee | ** = PhD advisee | * = Master’s advisee)

Balasubramanya, S.#, Buisson, M-C., Mitra, A.**, Stifel, D. 2022. Price, Credit or Ambiguity? Increasing Small-Scale Irrigation in Ethiopia. Revise and resubmit at World Development.

Kafle, K.pd, Balasubramanya, S.# 2022. Irrigation for reducing food insecurity: the case of Niger. Revise and resubmit at Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.

Ghimire, T.**, Harou, A., Balasubramanya, S.# 2022. Migration, gender labor division and food insecurity in Tajikistan. Revise and resubmit at Food Policy.

Garrick, D., Balasubramanya, S., Beresford, M., Wutich, A., Gilson, G.G., Jorgensen, I., Brozović, N., Cox, M., Dai, X., Erfurth, S., Rimšaitė, R., Svensson, J., Jones, J.T., Unnikrishnan, H., Wight, C., Villamayor-Tomas,S., Mendoza, K.V. 2022.  A systems perspective on water markets: barriers, bright spots, and building blocks for the next generation. In review.

Kafle, K.pd, Balasubramanya, S.#, Stifel, D. 2022. Solar irrigation in Nepal: equity in energy access and implications for fossil fuels. In review.