In Progress

(pd = Postdoctoral mentee | ** = PhD advisee | * = Master’s advisee | ^ = Undergraduate advisee)

Kafle, K.pd, Balasubramanya, S., Stifel, D., Khadkha, M. 2022. Solar irrigation in Nepal: equity in energy access and implications for fossil fuels. In review.

Aubric, C.*, Harou, A., Balasubramanya, S., Vasilaky, K., Magomba, C. 2023. Realized and elicited cooperation under water scarcity: evidence from a field experiment in Tanzania. In preparation.

Mitra, A.*, Balasubramanya, S., Brouwer, R. 2023. Willingness-to-pay for bundled agricultural insurance products – results from a discrete choice experiment in Bihar, India. In preparation.

Balasubramanya, S., Garrick, D., Rodella, A-S., Zaveri, E., Brozovic, B., Buisson, M-C., Durga, N., Mitra, A., Schmitter, P., Verma, S., Kishore, A., Minh, T., Yashodha, Y., Kafle, K., Stifel, D., Chandra, A., Varshney, D., Khadkha, M., Balasubramanya, S., Hope, L., Mukherji, A., Ringler, C. 2023. Solar technologies for groundwater-based irrigation in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa: addressing knowledge gaps for policy and investments. In preparation.

Balasubramanya, S., Balasubramanya, S., Mitra, A*. Positive incentives for managing groundwater: should we be excited? In preparation.