In Progress

(Key: # = Led or co-led | pd = Postdoctoral mentee | ** = PhD advisee | * = Master’s advisee)

Balasubramanya, S.#, Buisson, M-C., Mitra, A.**, Stifel, D. 2022. Price, Credit or Ambiguity? Increasing Small-Scale Irrigation in Ethiopia. Revise and resubmit at World Development.

Kafle, K.pd, Balasubramanya, S.# 2022. Irrigation for reducing food insecurity: the case of Niger. Revise and resubmit at Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.

Ghimire, T.**, Harou, A., Balasubramanya, S. 2022. Migration, gender labor division and food insecurity in Tajikistan. In review.

Kafle, K.pd, Balasubramanya, S.#, Stifel, D. 2022. Solar irrigation in Nepal: equity in energy access and implications for fossil fuels. In review.