Influence on Policy and Practice

Informed the implementation of the ‘Paani Bachao Paisa Kamao’ electricity subsidy reform program of the Government and Punjab and the World Bank (2019-2020).

Contributed to the Policy Paper on ‘Water Security and Climate Variability’, an output of the second edition of the Colombo Development Dialogue, organized by the United Nations Development Program and the London School of Economics (2018-2019)

Contributed to USAID’s Feed the Future Global Learning Agenda (2016-2018)

Contributed to Govt. of Bangladesh ‘s National Committee on Fecal Sludge Management to draft a ‘Institutional and Regulatory Framework for Fecal Sludge Management in Rural Areas’ (2014-2016)

Provided institutional support to GFDRR—World Bank to evaluate feasibility of using open-source weather technologies in Sri Lanka for disaster risk management (2015-2017)

Influenced Irrigation Department in Sri Lanka to make budgetary allocations for using use open-source weather technology for disaster risk management (2015-2017)

Provided technical assistance to Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Government of Myanmar to rehabilitate pump irrigation schemes in the Dry Zone (2016- ongoing)

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